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Monthly Sales Meeting & Prizes Distribution Ceremony held at Head Office .

Servo Moto Oil introduces hand held devices for the DSD (Direct Store Delivery) Sales Teams. 

Servo Motor Oil signs a technology transfer agreement with Petroecco JV Ltd. Poland.  

Welcome to Chicago Group
Who are we:
Distribution Network
Chicago Group is based in Multan, Pakistan. The group consists of the following companies:

  • Chicago Metal Works (Pvt) Ltd.
    Manufacturers of all types of Cylinder Liners, Bearing Caps, Brake Parts & Pump Parts for Internal Combustion Engines and Farm Tractors.
  • M.Shah Muhammad & Sons (Pvt) Ltd.
    Manufacturers of all types of Pistons for Internal Combustion Engines.
  • Servo Motor Oil (Pvt) Ltd.
    Manufacturers of all types of Lubricants and Greases for Commercial and Industrial use.
  • ECO Processing Plant.
    Recycling Old Tyres.
  • Traxx VTMS (Pvt.) Ltd.
    Specialists in providing tracking solutions for Vehicles, operate across the Pakistan
What do we do:
We are one of the very few companies in the world who are engaged in the manufacturing of Engine Parts and Lubricants simultaneously. This gives us the unique opportunity to study the problems caused by friction and to come up with solutions. Our R&D is constantly improving upon the Materials of which our engine parts and our Lubricants and Greases are made. Our goal is to reduce friction in all mechanical systems. Reduced friction always results in reduced energy costs and longer life of the mechanical components.

  • Brake Parts
  • Lubes & Greases
  • Internal Combustion Engine Parts
  • Fuel Oils and Fuel Briquettes

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